Antique Brass Style Kraken Necklace

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The sea can be beautiful - and treacherous. Some say it contains not only ocean life and waving sea grasses but ominous memories of sea monsters once rumored to scour its depths, waiting for the next ship to come along.

From such mysterious and tantalizing stories comes The Kraken, a creature that struck at will with waving tentacles and baleful, crafty eyes. Now you can harness the ancient stories with this magnificent and whimsical antiqued-look necklace.

On a 27" chain, this extraordinary pendant is crafted to bring to mind tarnished brass dug from a treasure chest - something any human, or sea creature, would vie for. Her tentacles wrap around one another gracefully as she lies in wait for her prey. This is one piece you know you're going to want for your own treasure chest.


  • 27" chain

  • Antiqued brass look

  • Octopus/kraken with waving tentacles

  • Exquisite detail, down to her watching eyes, cross-hatching and tentacle cups

  • Highest quality zinc alloy

  • Pendant measures approx. 2" across

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