A ~ Very Goth ~ HALLOWEEN (With BONUS Makeup Tutorial Vids)

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When "just spooky" is NOT enough...you're in luck: there's goth Halloween! Here are our favorite alt ways to celebrate the season of individuality.


If you're part of the alt community (or if you simply have your own off-the-grid style), you may get tired of being asked, "It's not Halloween for a while yet, is it?" while receiving the side-eye.

We know we do. What ever happened to individuality, self-expression and personal style?

Luckily for those of us who don't quite walk the beaten path, there's Halloween. It's the ONE day when we don't get 20 Questions based on our boots alone.

But since blending in isn't really our intent anyway (your opinion may differ), we like to take even the Costume Day of All Days up another notch by creating costumes that look less "night at the club" and more "wow, you're wearing THAT?"

Yes we are! And so can you. Here are our favorite ways to be awesomely alternative this Halloween.

Alt Halloween Outfit Ideas

As a nation, we've already collectively zombified everything (not that there's anything wrong with that), but you can goth up traditional Halloween outfits to really turn heads. Add a punk 'do, a cool makeup scheme (see below) and put black, lacy, striped and/or other alt touches to your outfit.

Our favorites:

  • Goth cheerleader: Choose (of course) black tops and bottoms and pair with black thigh-high boots, tights or leggings.
  • Ghost nun (a la The Conjuring 2): any easy and inexpensive nun costume will do; the real trick is in the makeup. Use feathered black makeup crayon over white for the "cracked" look as seen in the movie.

  • Wednesday Addams: No, she's not cliche - she's iconic! We love this because it's so easy. Choose a simple black dress, color your hair black with temp die (if it isn't black already) and braid. Choose a pale makeup base. Done!
  • The he-so-sexy vampire: does this ever REALLY go out of style? Boys, grab some frilly gear from the Goodwill. Top with an awesome hat. And put your Sexy on (that comes from within). Yes, we thank you.

  • The Mad Max extra: if you're into steampunk, you already have ALL the gear you need. If not, grab some cool goggles, drape fabrics (except for the legs; go more fitted there...again, we're thanking you) and do...something with your hair. You know, something that looks like it came out of a blender caught in a rotating turbine engine. You're good to go!
  • The Mad Max Badazz Chick: Same as above...but with a woman inside. Yes, we've done it and we loved it (and pretty much never wanted to take it off).

Make it With Makeup

Any great alt outfit will be enhanced by a fantastic makeup job. This goes for both men and women.


The Haunted Gypsy/Traveler

Start with a heavy coverage foundation for a flawless Photoshop-esque finish. Add deep, dark matte lipstick; dab a light color in the center of the lower lip for depth. Circle eyes with a heavy smoked look in purple, black and midnight blue. Carefully draw wavy lines down from the eyes with an eyeliner pen. 

Try this awesome tutorial:

The Ghostly Nun

This is so easy, but it looks truly terrifying. We've used the image from the movie The Conjuring 2 as your model. Apply flesh-colored base somewhat thickly; you want a "cracked" effect with two colors showing through. Dab white pan makeup over your base with a sponge; DO NOT blend. Draw tiny "cracks" with a dark gray eyeliner pen. Circle eyes thickly in black eyeshadow; smudge. Apply matte black lipstick and feather well out from the lip line all around.

Here's a very complete tutorial:


This is a unisex look; we'd suggest that the men skip the lipstick, but that might make things all the cooler. Use white pan makeup, semi-blended/pixillated using a large-pore sponge. Create a smoky eye with black and dark purple eyeshadow, crayon and liquid liner. Carefully draw the spirals on the cheeks in red semi-permanent lip liner or red liquid eyeliner. Finish with red lips if desired.

Here's a great tutorial:

Jack O'Scary

Choose orange pan makeup. Apply evenly. Add black pumpkin ribs with a smudge makeup crayon. Blend just slightly, Add finer details with black liquid eyeliner if desired. Use black crayon in ovals around the eyes; blend. Add black lipstick.

Try this amazing tutorial:

NOTE: Images are from Pinterest unless otherwise noted.

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