8 Dark Ways to Say "I Love You" - From Etsy

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Psst! Have a main squeeze you just love to death? Then check out these 8 creatively dark ways to say "I heart you...forever!"

These phab finds are from artsy Etsy sellers and each has that unique touch. We feel they're perfect for wishing a happy Valentine's Day to your alt love (or loves - we won't judge).

NOTE: We can't vouch for reliability of individual sellers, so always check out reviews. Once you're confident, get your claws on these awesome finds!

1. 'Til Death Do Us Heart

Yeah, we know...cuuuuuuuuuute! Tell your heartthrob you love him or her to death with this cute card. Grab one before it...disappears. 

2. Twisted Bunny Love (Is There Any Other Kind?)

Give your squeeze something to hug this Valentine's Day with this awesome rag-doll rabbit. She's particolored (two colors on alternating sides) in bold black and blood red with adorable mismatched eyes.

3. It's Okay. I Can Fix That

Mend a broken heart with this almost too-realistic take on toughlove. The stitched heart has a mini razor blade to remind your intended that love ALWAYS has two sides...and at least one just might be sharp. 

4. What's After "Forever"? Oh Yeah...This Guy

THIS is how long your love lasts! Wear your heart on your humerus with a cute li'l skelly who's dishing up his heart on Valentine's Day. 

5. Deep Purple Heartthrob...a la Goth

GORGEOUS. A Victorian rose nestles in the center of a purple heart and gem teardrop. The word "love" and rose-embellished heart hang (wait for it) charmingly. 

6. Write it Down, Lock it Up...Keep it Dark

Vampire Diaries? Even better...this phab journal keeps your own juicy story under wraps! Or give to a loved one, autographed with your own...ink. (What else?) 

7. Your Prints Charming

We love this unique art print because it's goth AND steam. And what could be better than that? 

8. Come Over Here, You Li'l Monster

Awwww! For those who love their creepy with a dose of cute, stuff this winged creature in a gift bag and say "I love you, ya little monster!" 


Need more darkness? Check here and satisfy ALL your unnatural desires...with FREE shipping! (Sweet!)

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